Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Karma Police (UK) - T.M.A -2

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Neil Anderson (aka Karma Police (UK)) had me all misty eyed and nostalgic when I made his acquaintance with - as it happens - a track originally made back in 2004. Angels Breathe (December 2009) featured Lisa T, a vocalist much in evidence on Soundclick during the early years, and one of my own particular favourites who seems to be on millions of websites and none, if you know what I mean. Anyway, don't get me started on that again. Neil and his work is what is happening here and T.M.A -2 is also from that time period (Sept 2004) which makes me wonder if he has anything more recent. Just curiosity. I'll review anything, so when things are done is not all that relevant.

Unless nobody cleared up the mess.

TMA-2 (dots, what dots?) is billed as Electronic Experimental but it's probably a tad more poppy than that often dark and confused world. Much more straightforward electronica which - surprisingly enough back in 2004 - was one of the hottest genres on Soundclick and 2004/5 were the high water mark which introduced the likes of Adam Fielding, dcallen, Bonamici and a million others to my jaded ears. I mention those artists in particular because, to be honest, I think this has more in common with them than - say - someone really experimental with their electronica like Fear 2 Stop or the recently discovered (for me anyway) Black Chamber.

Up until that time (2004 and on) I had a deep, deep phobia about most electronica, simply because most of it was moronic and mindless. It was the artists that I mention above who turned that around with their lively, infectious but always melodic interpretation of the genre and Karma Police delivers a recognisable slice of the time, yet again. So where were you, back in the day? Damn I would have probably LOVED this stuff back then and hey, it ain't too shabby these days either. If none of the above names meant anything whatsoever to you, think '80's electro-pop done all tasteful and orchestral and you'd be in the ballpark.

Recommended Electronica (pretty stuff even!)

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