Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hear The Track Here

Sorry for shouting there, but I include the over the top caps to show you something about Soundclick's search system. Funny thing, if you enter the bandname of the search title, the only thing that comes up is the SC store. No personal page, no artist page. What is that? Also strange because - once you DO find the artist page - there are two tracks fully downloadable, and one for playing only. No purchase required, ya see? So the burning question is why doesn't this artists relevant pages come up? Answers on a large denomination banknote please, or failing that a small bank itself will be sufficient. Not exactly the mystery of the age, I know but such a simple change could direct people to this musicians page a damn sight faster. And, you ask, having got there would it be worth it?? Look at the bandname and title, what do you think?

Good job I have a plentiful supply of brown trousers...

The Terror X Project (however it's spelt) is new to me and by the looks of it, to Soundclick too. Terry Jannke is the one man band behind it and it's Heavy Rock, and nothing but. Nowt wrong with that because, as you know, I am always down for a bit of headbanging (in the time honoured fashion btw), especially if the band has something to offer. TTXP (ahah! found ya!) has a great song going on here, especially made for people who like a bit of fireworks in the performance and on that score, Dead Of The Night scores big time. Ton's of good old-fashioned rock with no apology and in any other circumstance I'd be frothing at the keyboard.

The main problem, and it is in my mind a major problem because it will stop listeners delving much further than the first few bars, is the mix. Sure, its hard and crunchy in the right places but then I hear things buried in the mix (vocals especially, but some of the lead lines too) and there is an overall muffled sound. There again, the main details come out given a play or two and that time is well spent because underneath that rough exterior is an excellent rock song and one that shows TTXP certainly have something to shout about. Class heavy rock.

Highly Recommended heavy rock song.

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