Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Minimack - You Are My

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Ever since I reviewed Pennsylvania rapper Minimack (and his mum) on Please Stop The Struggle (September 2008), there have been a number of tracks from this hip hop musician. Some good, some not so good and most are (let's face it) actually part of the OLD Minimack. As far as I know, we have yet to hear something from his newly upgraded studio and the suspense is beginning to tell. Because of the amount of tracks I get, I often mess up the list and no one has been affected more by that than Minimack but - hopefully - we are all in the same place this month. Now don't be looking so skeptical, stranger things have been known to happen.

According to the copious notes Mack left me, the track goes like this 'Verse one is Minimack, Verse two is AKA Streetlife, Verse three is Juan "RIP" and the hook is Minimack and Juan combined' There, I hope I got that one right too. Damn, what are these eggshells doing all over the place? From the outset, Minimack goes for quality with a backing track from the awesome Sinima Beats which shows only too well why they are one of the most popular Soundclick beat factories; tasteful but meaty enough to register. I can understand how difficult it must be to marry beats to a rap and Minimack usually manages to come up smelling of roses.

This track does, unfortunately, fall down on the vocal side and seeing as we are talking rap here, that is a massive roadblock. I noticed a comment on the track mentioning the same thing and offering a collab on it, Mack should take up this suggestion. I can hear that Mack and Juan are putting their heart and soul into the vocal but that isn't enough and it shows. It isn't that bad, of course, not when put up against some in the genre and only aural geeks like me would get all antsy about it. See the idea is good, most of the raps are good and the music is spot on. It's just those choruses that don't really work the way they should. btw, the whole vocal could do with coming up a tad in the mix too. If you couldn't give **** about all that *** and just want to hear some soft, lovey-dovey hip hop, then this is certainly decent enough, despite my pissing and moaning.

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