Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sound Radius - The Power WIthin Score

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You would think that, by now, my reputation should precede me. I have bored millions of people to an early grave extolling - at great length I might add - my dislike of techno, trance, 4 to the floor electronica of all shapes and sizes, pretentious classicism and - yea verily - that denizen of the deep; Film Soundtracks. In my world, film soundtracks belong on films and only on films - after all that is what they are made for. Without the visuals its just a peice of music innit? Weeeellll (reviewer waggles hand) sorta/kinda and kinda/sorta. I have heard, courtesy of my almost four year imprisonment on Soundclick, a great many varieties of so called film soundtracks, some of which I have really liked and most of which I torn into little bitty peices in a frenzy of rage and despondency

Uh oh, it's that time of month again...

The Power Within slams right into the action with a really high paced intro that instantly disabuses you of the notion that this is 'just' a film soundtrack. The sound tsunami sloshing around your ears isn't going to do that either because - even on first listening - this a soundtrack worthy of the name. Having watched two or three film epics over past couple of days The Power Within definitely hit the right chord, musically and technically. On a strictly musical level, the score is a work of intense beauty and heart-rending sequences that would - given the right graphical environment - would stun audiences. For me, that is where this track really scores; it is simply a wonderful peice of soul stirring, fire in the belly music that could work wonder in the right movie but does plenty well on it's own, thank you very much.

As you also know, I'm not a slouch at recognising musical talent whatever the genre or - more tellingly - my dislike of it and whatever my feelings about soundtracks, peices of well thought out, dramatic, and ultra majestic musical structures make me go all weak at the knees. The Power Within grabbed me from the first castanet snap and never let go since. Even though it's obviously an action adventure theme, there are parts of this track that have such power sonicaly and musically it'll take your breath away. A wonderful, uplifiting epic, lovingly produced and as dramatic as anybody could wish for. Oh, and if you have a full-blooded 7.1 speaker system you are not gonna believe this baby through it. Class, class, class.

MUST HAVE (Ed: OK Lord take me now. I've seen it all).

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