Monday, December 18, 2006

Duelling Winos - Chris Rea

Hear The Track Here

Although I've read some of the postings by the Duelling Winos on MP3 Unsigned, I had yet - until this moment - to hear any music from these 'acoustic chancers from Ayrshire'. That's in Scotland, before ye ask. OK well the first order of priority is to figure out just how Chris Rea could be the inspiration for anything other than a good bowel voiding is quite beyond me. Now I know the bloke has many, many admirers but unfortunately I'm not one of them. The fact that Princess Di was one should give you a clue. Hey, it's just a personal thing ya know, I can't help my insane predjudice so I might as well vent while I may. Anyfekkinhow, acoustic sounds good dunnit? And chancers, I know loads of them...

Drinkers too as it happens and if the Duelling Winos aren't pickled types 24/7 then I'm a Chinaman and the drinks are on you. Definitely the kind of track you would hear out on some boozy pub crawl where - given the 11 pints you just sank - you will probably piss yourself while giggling crazily. A tale we are all probably familiar with; a boozy night on the town, a woman who looked sooooo much more enticing with a belly full of lager but in reality was the back end of a bus, and finally waking up covered in bodily substances in some strange gutter on the wrong side of town. Duelling Winos deliver this cautionary tale with great lyrical dexterity definitely making me want to know what else these guys have on tap.

OK, enough of the boozing references already...

However, ya's got to be truthful, and being that I have to say I didn't much like this track. Not because of anything the DW have done wrong, but because of my own personal preferences. While I do like the tongue-in-cheek pseudo-country style and vocal delivery, it's definitely something that will wear quickly. So far I've only had it for a few plays but it's already beginning to grate a bit. Still, as I say, it's a personal thing. The production on the track is fairly basic but there again, it's a fairly basic track all round and certainly nothing more than these two guys playing and generally having a laugh. On that level it definitely works and it does make me want to see what else these guys have. It's always a shame having to diss a first track like this, so I hope a get a second chance at this... (Ed: he means instead of a good kicking...)

Good plain fun.

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