Thursday, December 28, 2006

Silvertrain - One

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Taking up the last review slot of this month, and indeed the year really, are me old mates (yeah those guys) Silvertrain. It's timely that this has fitted in this way because I have been championing Silvertrain's cause now for over three years. Highs and lows, and there have been a fair scattering of both. I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I preferred say a singer/songwriter combination over a firing on all cylinders kick ass rock band. There lies the central contradiction to the Silvertrain story; which kind of animal are they? On the surface of it - and judged by their most popular tracks - they are the kick ass rock band. Taking in a much longer term view though and they begin to resemble the singer/songerwriter combination more and more.

Damn good job the songs are still there though...

One is, by the sounds of it, a John Brandon song but it shows how much his own personal game has improved this year with some great sounding tracks. Ritchie Allen adding to them is - as always - the icing on the cake but - as always - we'll have to wait a bit for that. What John comes in with in the meantime is absolutely classic Silvertrain territory; shiny 'we can do better' lyrics, a solid rhythmic backbone and a couple of singalonga choruses into the bargain. Once you get used to the track you notice the slight wooliness of the sound in certain places but hey, this is really a small thing. This time last year, John was just starting to experiment with the home produced front and I think he's done amazingly.

Whether it has any longevity to it or not would, I guess ultimately rest with whatever contribution Ritchie makes to it but for now, I'd say One was a good track for some further work to take place on. In that respect, Silvertrain are an absolute nightmare to deal with because almost every single track they do (with the exception of the fully recorded tracks) is pretty much a work in progress. The kind of thing you may (or may not) hear on a Silvertrain CD in about 2 years or so. That is not to say that One cannot stand up for itself as a song, it can and proudly too because it IS a good song and one you should even get into in this raw(ish) state. Me, I think I'll wait for the final version (and that's nothing new either).

Excellent pop/rock song. Recommended.

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