Friday, December 15, 2006

One Kid's Lunch - Nah

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Over here in the UK we have a bit of a hoohah going on about people using language in a 'yeah' or the immortal 'bovvered??' fashion all delivered with a face that looks like a smacked ass. Personally I find it hysterical because I know people like these (as portrayed by Little Britain and Catherine Tate) in my own life and I know how true it is. The reason this particular lingiustic bee flew up my nose is because One Kid's Lunch's (?) Nah is a classic of the breed. The song comment says it all - 'on second thoughts...' For those people who have no idea who One Kids Lunch are, they have been one of the big surprises of this extremely productive Soundclick year with track after track of intelligent, well performed and recorded pop of all descriptions, many of which have residence rights on my hard drive.

Not bad for a couple of guys from Texas...

It was their unique and often laugh out loud lyrics, allied to a killer pop sensibilty that won me over to this duo, and they have been remarkably consistent at delivering it thus far. I know that somewhere along the line of reviews I have done of them this year I have compared them to the 70's Canadian band Klaatu and Nah is a dead ringer both in style and delivery. I very much rated Klaatu at the time for their willingness to push the boundaries of what pop should mean and I think they did some beautifully stunning peices so I guess One Kids Lunch should take that as a high compliment. As always with One Kid's Lunch music, the more you listen the more hooked you become so absolutely no change there - thank God.

Not as immediate as some recent tracks, Nah is nonetheless a very, very distinctive peice of pop rock that will snag you if you give it enough time - and there lies its main problem. At this stage, it would be fair to say that I have a major OKL habit and I will pretty much hoover up anything they put out, but I don't believe that this track reaches the same highs as some of their better tracks this year. Mind you, I am incredibly biased by the quality of material I have heard this year and there is no doubting it gonna be hard to top that. Nah is a track that will take a bit of time, if you give it that time you'll find it has much to offer, especially if you are already a Lunch fan...

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