Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blog 27 - I Still Don't Know Ya

Hear The Track Here

It's rare that I pick up a track that hasn't appeared in my review signup thread on Soundclick, but it does happen every once in a while. It doesn't, however, on MP3 Unsigned and this - believe it or not - is the very first time I have ever done it on that site. Get a listen to this track though, and it'll soon become obvious why I chose this particular track to make this change with. Carol Sue Fitzpatrick (who we should be aware of by now) is the one who brought this to my attention (as well as other members of MP3 Unsigned) and it just goes to show that the lady has a fine pair of ears. Pretty much everyone who responded on that thread responded the same way, so I was kinda honour bound to find out what the fuss was about, wasn't I? See, it always interests me when artists start raving about other artists; usually it means they are either trying to score points in some way OR (and this is rare) they really do mean what they say.

Carol Sue is one of the latter variety and God bless her for that....

Even the most casual of listens will show you that all the palaver about these two 13 year old girls is totally righteous. Hold up! Hold up!! THIS is the work of 13 year olds is the first stupefaction you will face, but it won't be the last. Not sure at this moment where they are from but they make tAtU look like a bunch of old ladies, and coincidentially make them sound like that too. The sheer professionalism and power that this imparts from the opening seconds shows that there is a fine musical mind at work here - and one who knows exactly how to craft that elusive beast - a perfect pop track. The kind that last forever, and with it's shades of tracks like Iko Iko and Crying In The Chapel, if this were being touted commercially there is no doubt in my mind that the music industry would fall over themselves to sign up these little bloggers.

It has be said, as dreadful as it sounds, that being 13 and cute as a button is going to go a long way to achieving their objective. In this facade obssessed world having a viable public image is probably more important these days than the music, and on that score Blog 27 have a fine set of cards in their hands. Of course, it don't mean bollocks if the music is as bland and tedious as most of what passes for fine pop these days and I Still Don't Know Ya shows exactly how it should be done. I don't care what sphere of music floats your boats we all love a good pop track and this is a GREAT pop track, one of the best I've ever heard - online or in the RW music industry. Having spent acres of time with this track since I downloaded it, this is obviously properly produced and arranged in every respect but more than anything else that makes it excel, it is a killer, grab you by the neck until you are dead hook fest. All the while, I might add, paying a very proper respect to its musical roots. Beautiful. Perfect.


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