Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fear 2 Stop - From The Deep

Hear The Track Here

Fear 2 Stop really do have to be one of Soundclick's success stories this year, and most people who know them and their highly individualistic musical ways are gratified. Yea, and a little relieved too, if the truth were known. For my money Fear 2 Stop have taken the long way around to come up with something that is so them it's a pleasure to hear. Not something, as you know, I have been able to say about them in all the years past but this year they seem to have taken to their heels with a extremely consistent string of class blends of power and weirdness that has surprised a great many people including this reviewer. Finally realising a long cherished dream is a wonderful thing and that is exactly how I feel about this Houston TX based trio. You have no idea how long I have waited for this little chicken to come home to roost...

Despite their years of wandering in the experimental wildernesses, Fear 2 Stop have always had their heart and soul planted firmly in the soil of electronica and it's the marriage of both styles that has given them their well deserved praise. With the last sentence reverberating through your skull, take a quick listen to From The Deep and you'll get a very swift idea of how powerful this can be. While I also like my music to have a touch of the wild child about it, I do much prefer that it has a point for noise, dissonance or whatever else passes (in lesser circles) for something experimental in your track and at least F2S have always used such devices accurately and sparingly.

As well as coming across with a bunch of good track this year, the consistency of those track just keeps getting better and better. There's a Public Image reference here for sure, and even more for bands like The Fall, Joy Division et al because that mileu is where Fear 2 Stop really belong these days. Musically if not geographically, this is UK gloom rock taken to the dance floor and stomped into the ground with extreme predjudice. Out of all the tracks delivered to my hard drive this year from this source, all have contained some hefty rhythmic ideas, some excellent blending of styles and enough energy and drive to power a small planet and From The Deep is no exception. It might seem a little lo-key when you first hear it but don't be decieved, there is a beast lurking underneath.

Highly Recommended blend of experimental and electronica.

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