Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rooney Tunes - She and I

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Third time around for Michael Rooney (aka Rooney Tunes), a Texas based multi-instrumentalist who has been making some appropriate noises around Soundclick, not least because he is a seasoned, knowledgable musician who knows what he wants and gets it. The same may not be true for listeners though, as I have found out to my surprise. After I reviewed and raved over Sally (August 2006); a great production, highly polished performance and a cracking song to boot, whereas Island Paradise (November 2006) was not my style at all - it being a ballad and IMHO a pretty 'wet' one at that. There again, that is so obviously a matter of personal taste because - in both cases - I rated those tracks as highly recommended primarily because of the level of musicianship on display.

You are never to old to learn something new, ya know? and if anyone could teach you, this guy could.

Tell you what, no matter which way you look at it, this guy is a born romantic. Love and the pursuit/loss of it seems to be at the heart (no pun intended) of most of his songs so if you are looking for a bit of nasty - better move along, nothing happening here... Although She and I is billed as pop, it's best to be aware that it is a pop ballad and most of you know only too well my redrage concerning these things. Mind you, when music of this quality comes by you listen anyway, regardless of your own personal preferences. Beleive me, you won't hear much better out in the real world commercial business and that's a fact. So the only question left is whether you would actually like it or not, and that depends on what your own take on ballads is.

On every other angle (production, performance, songwriting, arrangement) this is absolutely top class work as I've stated in every other Rooney Tunes review I have done. That doesn't stop me saying that one a personal level, I don't like the track much. It isn't something that I would seek out of my own accord. Having said that, it is a joy to hear real musicians playing together as well as this because as well as Mike's endless instrumentation he is joined by bassist Lou Carfa and drummer Warren Dewey all of whom turn in a sterling performance. I can't even use the excuse that the track lacks drama, detail or any of the other handy pegs I find to dish the dirt. In fact, I suspect if you like your music to edge more towards 'easy listening' then you are going to think Rooney Tunes are the best thing since sliced bread - and in their genre, they probably are. It's just one that plain doesn't interest me much.

Excellent Pop Ballad. (I can't believe I just said that, someone shoot me!!)

Highly Recommended.

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