Thursday, December 28, 2006

Decollage - dragonfly eat holland

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Like her friend, Simon Witt (aka Burp) Decollage delights in lower case titles, and shares much of the same musical ground too as it happens. All this I found out when I reviewed the effectively titled No 1 (November 2006), and then discovered that they live in the same city (Munich, Germany) and are friends. Not, as some us automatically assumed, a Burp clone but a person in her own right. For which, the whole of Soundclick breathed a huge sigh of relief. After all, one Burp is more than enough for the current world population I think. No 1, for all it's electronica was a nice peice of work, and I gave it a highly recommended on the strength of its impact and production. What is it about Munich and electronic music? The place is steeped in musical history but especially avant garde and electronica and this is another area where the lines are melting...

All the better I say.

dragonfly eat holland is considerably more disjointed than No 1 which I found sonically powerful and much more pointed in its approach. Not much that defined No 1 survived until this track, or at least that I can remember. Now maybe that's down the use of vocal cuts to spice up the mix, and muddy the water at the same time and that's a special trick. Dragonfly (if I may call it that) is much rawer, both in its use of samples and sonically and experimental - at least in the use of those vocal cuts - and even after extended plays I'm not sure whether I like the track or not. As you know, over the years I have become much more lenient to the experimental side but this track definitely pushes that limit - and that's probably the point.

Having said all that, if you can manage several plays (its fairly tough going sonically) the idea of the vocal cuts begins to gel much, much better than it first appears. The music sometimes helps the track but often seems to play mere backdrop to other musical events. So, dragonfly eat holland is going to be tough going even if you like your electronica with a wee dab of experimental, but ultimately it did prove to be worth the time. As I said, nothing like as immediate as her first track but hey, it's another side of this artist and one - I suspect - which may be closer to her own musical ideal. Although there is a newness and rawness to her work, there is still enough here to show that she will develop quickly once she finds her feet. As it is, dragonfly eat holland is a pretty neat effort to stuff three genres into one.

Handle with care. Not for the squeamish.

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