Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Smalllife - Home

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Absolutely no doubt Smalllife has been one of this reviewers' greatest finds this year, and remember you read it hear first. After a year full of Must Have's I believe Smalllife have proved beyond doubt that they are a worthy addition to a long, long, line of top class (nay world class) rock bands. Rock? Aaah, but there's a tricky subject to pin down innit?? I mean what end of rock are they? For my side of the story, Smalllife are one of those bands who - if their live performance matches their recorded performance - could give even the veterans a run for their money. Hailing IMHO from the more showbizzy end of rock, Smalllife have it all; a great rock vocalist, slamming guitar riffs, scorchio leads and drums and bass that commit GBH to the ears...

Aaaah bliss.

There again, there's a much larger audience for rock when you combine it with showmanship and that oozes through every single track I have heard from this band, even the odd one-off's like this one (a competition entry). It's still stamped throughout with the trademarks I have come to expect from this Stoke-On-Trent band, an convincing vocal with some incisive lyrics, bouyed up by some class performances all round. Although I could have done with a bit less of the intro section,as soon as Jaymz Lee Shaw enters the picture all is forgiven. As good a band as Smalllife are, there is no doubt that Jaymz is the main powerhouse behind the band as vocalist, songwriter and guitarist as well as - I think - some of the production duties. A busy boy.

Overridding all the performance talent seen from this band this year though is the class of songwriting - especially in such a difficult field. The main reason I keep any track these days is because of the quality of the songs which is why I seem to have collected so many Smalllife tracks this year, they write rock classics like you wouldn't believe. Home, for me, has a peculiar 60's/90's feel to it that captures (say) stuff by the Faces, Aerosmith yet brings a definitely modern edge to the party. Jaymz' voice never ceases to amaze me, this is the true sound of rock sung with such professionalism and style that your jaw can't help but drop. I can't say Home is up there with some of their finest this year, but I'll still be hanging on to it. Destined for much greater things, especially if they get out there and spread the good word...

Great rock track, lovingly performed. Highly Recommended.

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