Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Hive - Myrmideon Waters

Hear The Track Here

Squatting awkwardly within said Hive, is one Simon Witt. You may also know him as Burp or if you are REAL old cranky bastid like yours truly, you may also know him as Emetrics. Whatever the hell his name is (in this case The Hive), you can be assured of quality electronica weirdnesses the like of which you have never heard before. Yes, I would be willing to take a bet on that, safe in the knowledge that Burp (by whatever description) is a major Soundclick electronica artist by any stretch. You don't get plays in five figures and you don't get stations heading upwards of 60 and you certainly don't get an everlasting line of number 1's and 2's. Having hammered that point so far into your brain it's probably peeking out of your ass, it should now be obvious that I like this bloke.

In a musical (and certainly manly) way, you understand.

I have, of course, had my introductory brainwashing from The Hive and came out of it successfully although the scars still itch from time to time. I also found a neat track called abhaya mudra (November 2005) which I have grown to love and cherish as one of Simon's finer peices. Although 2005 was peppered with some fine Hive material I have heard nothing whatsoever this year until this track so I anticipated much. Billed under the Electronica: noise genre doesn't bode well - in most cases I would imagine. For a great majority of the population too. However, if you have a taste for it, and you are looking for artists who define good electronica on Soundclick, give Myrmideon Waters (don't ask!) a spin because it features a central tenet of all Simon's work in whatever genre he works in. A sense of rhythm that is almost clockwork in its precision, even when surrounded on all sides by endless noise.

For me as a reviewer (and as a musician), this track absolutely typifies exactly why The Hive et al are worth cultivating. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun listening to noises off, on, sideways, reversed into gaping caverns of reverb and generally marmelised at every turn. In all his work Simon carries with him a sense of his own country's part in the electronica world we live in today, I often get Kraftwerk references through his material and that I do like. The same is true of this track in more ways than one, there is that kind of electronica; what sounds like a car smash of a steel band sound and endless other fascinating bits of aural furniture. Certainly much more left field than most of Burp's output which explains the reason behind the side project name. It stands to reason that you probably shouldn't listen to this if you are of a nervous disposition or sitting with your ancient grannie because either way you will both have a heart attack if you do... Especially once The Hive start syringing your ears out with some Super Strength Sweeps; that's when the brainwashing begins.

The Hive. Handle with extreme caution. First class Electronica though. Highly Recommended.

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