Saturday, December 16, 2006

Avalanche - Will There Still Be A Tomorrow

Hear The Track Here

Around about this time last year I had my first LIVE internet musical experience when I was in the chatroom audience over at Songplanet during Mike-K's Saturday Night Rocks. Mike had invited a couple of members of Avalanche onto the show to entertain some of the of the show but what we didn't expect was to get one of the most dynamite performances any of us had heard. It was all down to the geetar styles of the misters Mike Foster and Mark Easton that made the night special and that's also the central rock on which this particular Avalanche rests on. That is not to denigrate the work of Mike Corsini and Barry Easton (yep Mark's brother) the bassist and drummer respectively. After all, without that massive engine powering out the wattage behind them, what kind of rock gods could Mike and Mark be? Having said that, they can be amazingly subtle with it too, when the need arises.

Finally moving onto Soundclick at the end of this year, Avalanche have only just begun to scratch the surface of this site's rock audience and they have a bunch of influential rock stations playing their stuff. If you have never heard the band then I'd say that their name says what they are, not always of course but a goodly percent of the time. The chosen playground is rock, classic, heavy and everything in between. Get a quick listen to Excessive (August 2006) for an example of why I - in particular - like them. I have to admit I do love a bit of kerrang and Excessive is exactly what it says it is. Will There Be A Tomorrow follows on in that classic rock way of theirs,think Who, Deep Purple, and in particular on this track AC/DC.

To be sure the verses are pure AC/DC riffery, and I think it would indeed be a fair comment to say that it doesn't break any new ground, but you don't expect rock to do that do you? It should IMHO sound like a dinosaur breathing down your neck, after all it's the reproduction of the genre that counts right? Mmmmm. Yeah, but it should also sound good enough to stand on it's own right rather than a pallid copy and that is where Avalanche have always scored with me because their tracks are respectful of the past and forward looking in their songwriting and that's good enough for me. Where this track scores in particular are the juxtapostions between the straighforward AC/DC style of the verses and the more complex Who sound of the bridges (or choruses, whatever). It's taken me no time at all to warm to this track but I would, wouldn't I? You should have some affection for the genre in general to really get swept away by this but it's till a good enough song in its own right to maybe get over any rock predjudice. Time will tell.

Highly Recommended hi-energy Classic Rock.

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