Thursday, December 21, 2006

Da Luck Ent - Changes

Hear The Track Here

Don't quite know what's going on here because the track I have (Changes) doesn't appear to be on the band's Soundclick site and that's a shame because its a decent track and here I am about to talk about it and poor old you can't hear nuffink.... Memo to Da Luck Ent; Puhleeeze put this on the site man, even if its just so that people know I'm not making this shit up :D 'Pot Luck Ent is a label filled with young and talented artists and producers' says the blurb on their page and they are a seven strong group of rappers, musicians and producers from the Windy City: Chicago. So, obviously hip hop is the genre so lets get to work...

Changes has a neat little brass lick cut up sample that introduces the track, along with a Malcom X (I think) vocal sample and in truth it works together to want the listener to listen further. Of course you should like the whole hip/hop rap arena to like what Da Luck Ent get up to but - to be honest - most of the present tracks on their Soundclick page are nothing like as good as the material that makes up Changes. Mind you, I'm not really a fan of the softer, R&B side of this genre and Da Luck obviously are. Changes, however, is a different prospect entirely and one I hope you get to experience soon, especially if you like rap with an experimental edge.

I'm not sure exactly how they are creating that brass riff I was telling you about earlier but it is one of the major hooks in this track and reappears in slightly different guises throughout the proceedings. As a hook, it plays a blinder, as you can tell for yourself by listening to the first thirty seconds of this track. The production isn't bad either, and certainly not typical of the breed, which is another reason why it would be worth a listen. Moreover, Changes is also a very good song in itself, a strong, defiant sound that puts itself across with an ease and musicality that deserves a lot more attention than most of todays rap scene. A surprisingly good listen and a hip hop track that should do well and one I'll be hanging onto.

Recommended rap.

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