Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fluidity - Tomorrow

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At the beginning of this year, I reviewed my first Fluidity track, and if I hadn't just gone back to check that date I would have sworn I have known this New Zealand based rock artist a lot longer. Part of that may have to do with the type of rock that John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity) dishes out to us lucky bar stewards.. Good old fashioned rock, with plenty of singalonga chorus lines and catchy guitar phrases earning him a number of reasonable reviews from Old Grumpy (that's me folks!) and some backhanded compliments about his style which has reminded me of many a rock god over the past year and that's never a bad thing. In the course of the past year Fluidity has made many friends and Tomorrow is going to get him many, many more - especially if I have any say in it.

But first, here is a confession from our sponsor: I hated Quo when they were really happening. I thought they were lame.

Seriously, I was more into the sock-down-the-pants routines of the REAL rock stars - except that not a one of them had ever written a halfway decent hit, much less a string of them a mile long as Status Quo have to their eternal credit. Call them cliched, hackneyed yes, but God they rock like sumbitches... The reason I am waxing lyrical (Ed: talking bollocks in other words) about Status Quo is because Tomorrow sounds a lot like one of their tracks, especially vocally. It's also, in my very 'umble opinion, on of the best Fluidity track I have heard this year and he has delivered some very satisfying material already. To end the year with a track of this quality can only add lustre to his growing reputation.

I've never made any secret of me being an out-and-out rock head, but I have a healthy respect for other sounds too, especially when they are allied to the 'pop' medium - as this track is. JP has always been a bit of a smartypants about his music but Tomorrow shows off his growing confidence in his arranging abilities because the music hammers the point home so percussively at times you find yourself ducking automatically. However, the cleverness of the arrangement is just a passing phase and what stays with me after repeated plays - and what will probably do the same for you too - is the mighty anthemic chorus that you just cannot resist singing along with.

All together now, the fuuuuuuuuttttuuuurrreee.....

The REAL power pop. Highly Recommended and a Must Have for fans.

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