Friday, December 08, 2006

Jim-n-Lisa - Cowbot Blues

Hear The Track Here

For some reason this track isn't on Soundclick but hey, you can pick up a 192kb/s version from the link and fidelity is a big thing where Jim-n-Lisa are concerned. High fidelity that is, not the naughty sort that can lead to all sorts of trouble. So my friends tell me. Sorry about the blabbing but it seems even the smallest of exposures to J-n-L leads to a contact high. It's the natural roughage in Jim's diet that does it. Or the smoke filled room he usually inhabits out there in the great Texas hinterland. Wtf is a hinterland anyway? Sooooo, having spent a few days with Cowbot Blues, I'm ever likely to be even more scatterbrained than normal.

So what time is my colonic? Oh no, that's tomorrow....

Cowbot Blues took some while to wear away my usual predjudice because with the usual Jim-n-Lisa tracks I pretty much like them straight away or within a couple of plays. Not so with this track and that is strange. Because I've had a bit of time with the track and have thought about my initial reaction a great deal I finally came to the conclusion that my view was coloured by envy. Nothing new there than, you might sarcastically insert, and you would be well within your rights. It is true that I am in awe of Jim's talent both as a producer and as a musician. What threw me with Cowbot Blues was because it is exactly the kind of track I would have loved to make; the right mix of instrumentation in a challenging and very rewarding mix. Testimony, of course, to the usual quality of performance and production we have become used to from this excellent team.

Slipping into my producers slinky number, I should also point out that there is an additional off-putting sense to the production which I can only assume is intentional, because it's certainly effective. Now maybe I'm a knobhead for picking up on it but I find it fascinating. As the track plays you don't really notice the sheer wall of noise going on behind what is in effect a very stately, majestic (and VERY Western) guitar instrumental but as the track reaches it's climax that sound fades noticeably, as does the high end of the track. A beautiful little trick and one that so caught my attention it take me an age to drag myself back to the music which, as I've said above, is superlative. Read the song comment before listening, start the track and close your eyes. See them?? See them?? They exist!! Jim sez so.

MOOOO HAVE. (Ed: OK taking it too far!!!. Repeat: m-u-s-t pause h-a-v-e stop)

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