Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Policy Overkill - Song 17

Hear The Track Here

Yep, gotta love those real snappy song titles doncha?? Policy Overkill, for those who have been living on Mars, is a Soundclick electronica artist (Ed: what? Another?) who I have encountered from time to time throughout this year including Wonder (August 2006), a track I highly recommended despite it being an ambient track and you know I don't like them guys. Still, not doing too bad seeing as PO is relatively new to Soundclick but an already established member of Soundclick's humongeous electronica community. Still, electronica is a bit of an acquired taste - at least for me - and it's definitely a more miss than hit field for me.

Coming in this time with an industrial electronica peice, Policy Overkill caught me by surprise, not what I was expecting at all. I'm dead keen on flowing synth sequences and Policy Overkill employs a raft of them on this entertaining peice that veers from it's industrial base to electropop and back again. Given that's a porky six and a half minutes, Song 17 seems to be a lot shorter than that, and for me that's always a good sign that someone has taken time and patience to stitch something worthwhile together. My initial impression though was slightly less forgiving at the section just prior to the second verse but repeated plays ironed that out. Something about the way that high pitched synth line sits in the track, it bugged me at first but give it time, it really fits.

It's always satisfying to come across a bit of electronica that I really like, and I do like what Song 17 has to say from the four to the floor opening to the closing notes, there is always something new to listen/gawp at. There is no doubt that the star for me is the sequenced sythm sections but - after a time - the actual song itself started to impinge on my tired old brain. The lyrics are delivered in a very grungy, moany style that never impinge on the flow of the music which belts along at a fast clip most of the time; as out of control as it comes but beautifully balanced on the very edge of falling apart. Terrific stuff, I tell you, especially if you happen to be one of the many who like electronica with a difference. Song 17 may be a pretty nondescript title but don't let it put you off this is a ride worth taking.

Top Class electronica. Highly Recommended.

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