Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rémon Kroes - Filled Air

Hear The Track Here

Rémon Kroes is a new name to me and, I suspect, Soundclick too judging by the sparseness of the page. One track and a couple of comments usually suggests that. Still there have been a good many seasoned musicians coming onto SC over the past couple of years so no sweat there. Further digging drags up the fact that he is 18 years old and he comes from the Netherlands. Now you'd think with all that stacked in his favour (or not depending on which way you look at it) that he'd try and e-a-s-e his way into it and bring people up to speed slowly. Not this boy, he throws a six minute long piano solo into the Soundclick bearpit. Now that's either the mark of someone insanely delusional or someone who is happy with the work they do and don't give a **** what you or I think.

Move along, move along, there's room for all. Diversity being the spice of life and all that old bollocks.

Now you know full well that I'm not a fan of the gentler side of music although I am always ready to recognise an accomplished musician, whatever genre they are working in. The track is more interesting because it is literally a peice recorded live, off the cuff; a track that fills up air. As such I found the idea of it appealling enough for me to sit through more than a few plays of it although - in my heart of hearts - no matter how good it was it would never be my gen-u-wine cup of tea. No disrespect to Rémon whatsoever because it is a lovely piano peice, very well played as even the most casual of listens will confirm so if it sounds as if you would like it, clickee the linkee.

Of course it being a piano solo peice is probably its greatest drawback, because there is no doubt that fact will deter many listeners but hey, everyone has a small sound corner to go and relax in and this would fit in there very nicely. The ultimate un-stresser is a piano played well, especially when you capture the instrument's own resonances, as proves to be the case on Filled Air which although plainly recorded has a raft of subsounds accompanying it. A gentle, refined peice that has a couple of minor flubs that are easily overlooked by the tenor and style of the peice itself. You never know, given a few plays this may grow on you the way it did me. Mind you, that is mostly because I love the piano sound Rémon has here, not because I like solo piano peices as I may have mentioned a time or two. Which leaves me a choice and I'm gonna go for the more likely of the lot...

Recommended Piano only peice. Chill out supreme.

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