Friday, August 25, 2006

Rude Corps - Cosmetics Part Two

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Anyone who states 'To hell with the music industry - those pigs are tomorrow's bacon...' and who once used the legendary OctaMED to make music is gonna be quids in with me without me hearing one note. Having said that I have in fact crossed path with Rude Corps a couple of times, and even with forum alter-ego dolly (of mixture fame). When asking for this review I was told 'this one is quite old now' so it's nice to know I've been relegated to reviewing someones old tat instead of the squeaky new stuff I am used to. Mind you, considering that there are 152 tracks on this artists page, some of those have to going back to the Stone Age...


I'm not a big fame of the whole breakbeats thing, although there have been a few tracks from the genre that impressed me and that was usually because of production tricks rather than musical talent. I really liked Omnisine's (or CJ Freq X as he was then) remix of Lockdown (March 2006) and went and listened to the original and liked that too. That's the fekkin promlem with genres innit? The words say one thing but the music speaks a thousand different tongues, many of them forked. Call it breakbeats or call it pedigree chum, for my money there are shades of almost everything in this slick, slightly off centre track. The same is true of Cosmetics which brings me to the conclusion that a good few of that 152 tracks would be worth a listen.

OOoooh, get her :D

Seriously, Cosmetics is a prime slice of the dark underbelly of electronica and an opportunity not to be sneezed at. It's boasts a seriously funky backline (slammin' drums, bass goes walkies in sub space) that propels the track along so fast you will feel the breeze playing with your hair. The best part, for me anyway, is the low, semi-spoken vocal that gives the track its dry undertone. It is, apparently, a polemic about conditions in the artists native city of Sunderland; an area plagued by bad planning, economics of the madhouse and a political system being held to ransom. Hey wait a minute, I live in a place just like that... Hey, wait a minute, YOU live in a place like that!! Mmmmm. Cosmetics is a classy peice of electronica with a deft sense of rhythm that would look right good snuggled up on your player of choice. If I had a complaint (Ed: here he goes, right when I thought we'd get away with it this time), it would merely be to point out that the vocals could do with being clearer and more upfront in the mix.

(Ed sighs with relief)

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