Thursday, August 24, 2006

melv - Black & White

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It's always nice to get a new melv track, even though sometimes its a bit of a struggle to get past sound problems. No matter though because - as melv has proved time and again - there's always a really intriguing song at the heart of it. Melv is, in fact, that rarest of artists; a songwriter who writes with his own voice - along the way paying some awesome respect to his musical predecessors and heroes. During the two years that I've known this artist he has delivered some absolute beauties, winning over a sizeable proportion of the people who took the time to listen to him. A songwriter in the old style; dramatic, complex music, exceptionally crafted vocals and a sound to fill any stadium worthy of the name.

Black & White is not so much a departure from what melv does best, but a reaffirmation of it. Black & White is, above everything, a superb song, the kind that melv delivers so well. Although it's billed as Electronica: Acid (?!?eh?!?) there's still enough of melv's style in this track to completely dispel any misgivings. Again though, I should caution you that is an extremely noisy track and very much in your face so watch your levels. Still, that's a pretty minor gripe compared to what you get for taking the trouble to get used to this track.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, why isn't this guy signed already?? For me, he's had a bit of a ho hum run of late, but Black & White is a welcome return to his usual class style and one I knew I was going to keep with a half a play. As noisy as the mix is, and the lack of definition on some instruments, what comes across still is the power and confidence of melvs performance and songwriting ability. Think of all your favourite artists stretching back over - say - thirty years: Bowie, Queen, Clash, U2, Radiohead and ALL of them resonate in the work of this very unique talent.

MUST HAVE (I am a melv fan!)

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