Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Greenie - This Is My Thing

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I first met rapper Matthew Greenberg (AKA Greenie) when I reviewed Positive Influence (May 2006) and found it very...well...positive really. So much so that I gave that track a Highly Recommended tag and there aren't that many decent hiphop tracks I'd do that for. That's partly to do with the very professional sound that Greenie tends to lay down, partly to do with his vocal delivery and wholly to do with the kind of hip hop this MP3 Unsigned artist pumps out. Let's face it, there are wide swathes of the hiphop scene that I'd go blocks to avoid, but not Greenie's kind.

The first group that made me see that something other than rap was surfacing in the urban music scene of the late 1980's, early 1990's was the emergence of De La Soul. One of my all time favourite bands, the took the basic beats to new heights, mixing all kinds of sounds into their music. This is the same area of hip hop that Greenie goes for and why I rate him so highly. So, it's obvious I am going to be biased, but nonetheless I can spot something that doesn't work and I'm damned if I could find very much wrong with this track, technically or otherwise.

Hiphop, in my opinion, gets a lot of bad press mostly to do with the machismo associated with it (or dumbo thought depending on where you stand on the issue), but there are artists and music that make a substantial impact in - or out - of the genre. It has to be said that Greenie is fond of the fornicating word so rest assured that this track carries the usual Parental Advisory, but there again it IS an adult track made for adult listening. Greenie isn't one of the battlers, shuckers and jivers that normally inhabit the scene, he's a solid, thinking artist who writes what he sees and turns it into some damn fine hiphop and long may he do so. So, remembering my bias...

Highly Recommended Hiphop.

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