Friday, August 11, 2006

Nuff X - Open Your Eyes and See Me Screaming

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After a bit of a rocky start, I've begun to appreciate this Soundclick electronica artist more and more. Mind you, that rocky start was down to the software Nuff X used at the time and since then he's moved on to much bigger things. Like a lot of the better (read interesting) electronica artists around right now, Nuff X likes to incorporate all kinds of oddd sounds over an electronic bed that has Chemical and Prodigy all over it. Not that I am saying this artists sound like CB or those other weird ones ;) , Nuff has been around long enough now to know that aping something is not good enough, if it isn't your own voice coming out of there, what is the point of all this?

Other than a swift mindwank of course. Eh?

When I see a track advertised as 'Glitch Hop, very dark and a little twisted' my first would be yummy, because I am getting fonder and fonder of a nice disjoint. Open Your Eyes lives up to its hype in that department, the vocals in particular are awesome and worked extremely well into the track. It's pretty much standard electronica sounds happening underneath this vocal confetti, but you won't have heard it ever done quite like this. Top marks to to Nuff for not only sticking with it, but also carving out what is becoming highly evident as an individual style in his music. Believe me when I say that there aren't many electronica artists doing that.

Almost everything in the garden would be lovely except, unfortunately, the overall sound leaves a lot to be desired. There is so much going on in this track that the final mix and production really do need to be razor sharp for the tracks myriad of subtleties to get through. This, in fact, is a track that screams out for Chemical Brothers production values; a wide open, fire-breathing and attention grabbing. Given that, this track would snap heads all over town. As it is - as you'll see by my rating - this is still a perfectly good track and some would definitely say excellent, and on performance and arrangement I think I would tend to agree with them. The final sound though, for me, does have it's problems (a bit wooly, a bit of extraneous hiss and a bit flat). Nonetheless, it's still a very handy slice of IDM cut up stylee...

Excellent, original (ay caramaba, now there's a fekkin thing!) electronica and Highly Recommended.

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