Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Policy Overkill - Wonder

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I know I am going to be damned forever for saying this, but every time I come to write this artists name, I keep writing it as Project Overkill. I have heard about people having (makes quote sign) 'projects' but I didn't think it was catching. However, I'll try and restrain that urge, keep my sanity and soldier on. Electronica has a hard time from me, and nowhere more so than in it's Ambient subgenre stylee which has been known to infuriate me. Usually because people assume that a bunch of foot long spheres all strung together for Gawd knows how many minutes constitutes good music.

Bah fekkin' humbug, I snarl.

There is a lot of the experimental in the two tracks I have heard from this artist and it's that - I think - that keeps his butt out of the Gilmore Grinder. I found The Stomp Dance (June 2006) very listenable - for the genre. There was a skating on the edge of chaos feel to it that really appealed to the brute in me and all in all, it was an interesting slant on this much abused genre. Wonder adds more to that particular story and is - if anything - much stronger meat than Stomp Dance and will therefore take a bit of assimilation and work on the listeners part. I had to listen to it a good few times before I felt I had a good enough grip of the slippery little bast... thing...

'Weird ambient stuff heavily reliant on chorus effects' the artist chortles in the song comments and adds 'and weird buzzing in the background' all of which perfectly sums up this track. It also misses out in describing some of the neat sounds Policy Overkill has gathered together to make a wonder out of Wonder. To be sure the base of this track relies on ambient standards: loads of spheres, long sweeps and buzzes and general noise. Above it though hangs some very, very effective sounds, a recognisable piano track that drifts in an out of your ears like a summer breeze and - to top it all - it only runs to a grand total of almost four minutes. Wonder is an excellent track, especially for the genre it lives in and one I am going to be tempted to keep.

Recommended Electronic Ambient (and I don't write THAT very often!)

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