Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Antennaheadz - Genii

Hear The Track Here

Best not to go looking for this track on Soundclick because - for some reason - it's not available on here. You can, however, grab yourself a copy by clicking on the download link here, the main link above just leads to the bands Soundclick page. No doubt Thomas J (he of millions of bands) will shed some light on this matter in due course. As I can tell by the knowing glances, you know what's coming from me about what Thomas and his assorted collaborators come up with. Sometimes it's highly palatable and sometimes it makes me heave.

Joking, but only slightly so...

The first thing that struck me about Genii was the drum pattern. Now correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds to me like one of those Godawful keyboard presets guys in keyboard showrooms use to show people what great musicians. You know the kind, the beats keeps going no matter what tempo the top are being played at. Even worse, I have a suspicion that The Antennaheadz actually WORKED to get this sound, how sick is that? Either that or they are right lazy gits and this is really one of those patterns with some keyboard type wizardry superimposed on top of it. So, it's a choice here; Lazy?, crazy? or just plain mad keen to put out e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g they have ever done.

Seriously, I do question exactly why this track is here in front of my ears. Anyone with a keyboard and the smallest knowledge of chord structure would put something similar together and - as I say - if TZ worked at getting this particular sound then I have to ask why. As a technical (nerdy even) thing to do, it works because the cheesiness of the whole thing stinks up the room every time I play it. I know that Thomas as a liking for the ol' musical gorganzola, and a distinct love of bleepy analog (read retro) sounds and that's no bad thing in the right context. This though, as much as I might admire the skill (?) and dedication (?) of putting it together didn't touch me at all, except to shout 'turn it off' at regular intervals.

Oh well, on to the next.

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