Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bigwheel - Little Son

Hear The Track Here

The track I have has an artist by the name of Davos in the ID tag, and although I know of a place in Switzerland by that name that's about it. Confused? Mmmmm. So, anyway, I reviewed Far Away (July 2006) from this Preston, UK based electronica artist and quite liked its chilled atmosphere and clever arrangement. It also helped that the technical side of it was up to scratch to, and some of the sounds employed were just spot on. So, looking forward was I, to a bit more of that big-wheelie stuff and Little Son didn't disappoint.

It features a fragment of a vocal snippet I know and it's driving me crazy trying to remember where it came from. I've used the damn thing myself (along with a couple of its breddren) so I was bound to be attracted to a tune that used it as a main motif. Mind you, there's lots more things to gawp and goggle out so lets be about it. As the track starts I am reminded of early '80's synth music but that crashes out of the picture once the main instrumental section kicks in. While it's true that the tune retains more than a touch of OMD about it, it's still amazing efficent at reaching your pleasure centres.

While I'm not normally drawn to music to navel gaze by, Little Son, is exactly the kind of track I would put on as I am winding down at the end of the day. Or even a lazy Sunday afternoon providing the *trouble kept the dustbins out of me way for a change. Fact is, this is a wonderfully poignant little track that reeks of hard work both technically and musically, and cooked just enough to permeate the whole sound picture. The kind of track I very much am glad electronica was invented for. You can keep all your four-to-the-floor, bleep, buzz, chink, whirr matey, hive me intelligent, compelling electronica any day.

Highly Recommended electronica.

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