Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Black Circles - Afterchain

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Sean Boyle (aka Black Circles) has spent years and years pursuing me down dark alleys and frightening me to death with the work of his band, the illustrious and justly famed Dead Company. However, if I were being totally honest, I have to say I have a soft spot for the old geezer. As crazy and bizarre as his work with the Dead Company is, his solo work as Black Circles is the template for a lot of what he does with the band. I first met Sean about three or four years ago and he surprised the bejeebers out of my with his unusual vocal style.

Not a crooner, more a drawler...

He isn't, as he would rightly admit, the most accessible artist in the world, in fact he specialises in musical obtusity, in addition to a lyrical profundity that is astounding. It's that combination of lyrics and a freewheeling experimental style that has always been the hallmark of this musicians work. Which generally means you are either going to like his music or definitely, categorically not. Having said that, even I haven't liked everything he's put out but he's hit more often than he's missed. Afterchain, if this is a new name to you, is absolutely typical of the man. Music to grind your teeth to, and may well induce you to commit hari-kiri in front of your startled neighbours and loved ones.

The urge to self-destruct is again a hallmark of this artists very dark, sepulchural vison of the world, the usual doom and gloom pretty boys have nothing on this guy. The words came out with the sibilance of snakes, complete with beady little black eyes that heighten an already absurd sense of danger. If you are getting the impression that I don't like this track, you'd be wrong. As I've stated a million times, I personally think Black Circles is one of the most innovative and unique musicians around. Like him or loathe him, you can't deny that you haven't heard anything like this before: it's not everyone can manage the Voice From The Grave, let me tell ya. Black Circles is not always an easy listen (in fact never) but often and interesting and rewarding one - if you can stand the adrenaline rush that is...

Not for the meek and mild.

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