Thursday, August 17, 2006

Carol Sue Kirkpatrick - Save Myself

Hear The Track Here

Note to self: I must not get confused between Kirkpatrick (which is a fine old Scots/Irish name) and Fitzpatrick which is Norman, and as we Brits know they were not nice. Not nice at all, especially if you happened to be a king and were fond of your eyes. Now, if that little lot hasn't served to sow an inordinate amount of confusion in your mind, I am not the mind f*** I once was. I made this simple mistake when I reviewed Carol's excellent, sexy voiced I Am Invisible (July 2006) wherein I found myself loving her honeyed vocals but not so sure about the music underlying it. There was nothing wrong musically, just a bit pedestrian in my exceedingly tiny opinion.

I said at the time that I would have to hear a wider scope of work than this before I could get me teeth into her (that's figuratively, not biblically). Like most of us, Wichita KS based Carol Sue uses a Tascam 4 track and pretty much plays everything else as well so on that basis alone, I think she deserves a listen. While it is true that using this setup will give you an undeniable 'demo' sound, Carol manages to get past that, but only just. However, once you soak in her vocals, all that will disappear as if by magic. She has one of those voices you just KNOW would scrub up beautifully in a more professional production environment...

Aahh, in a perfect world eh?

The same quality that appealed to me in I Am Invisible are also part of Save Myself except, IMHO, this is by far the better song. Some guitar and drums were added by another Soundclick artist, 2Rain and although that work is a little low in the mix, the addition is worthwhile. Obviously I could write reams about what COULD be done with this track, given the right production but that seems pointless. Instead lets talk about what a very good song it is, and how Carol Sue's voice is still definitely the high point (at least for this reviewer) although this time the song came up to scratch too. On this outing she sounds a lot like a lighter Maria Daines, and as you know, that just can't be a bad thing.

Nice mellow pop rock. Recommended with your bedtime cocoa.

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