Saturday, August 26, 2006

Prash - What Has Happened To Peace On Earth

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Prashant Vadhyar, more commonly known to us Soundclickers as Prash, has long been a favourite flavour in the Gilmore household. His mix of western and eastern musical tradition is very special although it has to be said that I am a fellow traveller in this genre (world) - therefore biased as hell. I'm not alone either because in the couple of years he's been hanging around on Soundclick he's made some very influential friends. Mumbai, India, where Prash comes from, has always been a fairly musical city - it being home also to Bollywood. Arguably the largest and most productive movie centre Bollywood is also mainly responsible for the upsurge in Indian musical talent with the endless movie soundtracks the studios pump out. Remember that Bollywood films are noted for their song and dance routines and at three hours a strech, you can fit a lot of musical action in there AND leave enough room for a completely unreal plotline.

Aaaah, such is the stuff of life...

As you can tell, I am also a big fan of Bollywood musicals, so it was a bit surprising to me when first encountering Prash that his music was western with an eastern undertone. Whereas my music is exactly reversed - eastern with a western undertone. Rock does seem to be Prash's favourite playground and if you think I'm joking grab a slice of My Baby Is A Fine Wine, Weep Over the Demise of Rock and other such Prash classics. What Has Happened To Peace On Earth is another collaborative effort with Chris Bishop (AKA Project Overseer another one of my favourite artists. Reading between the lines, this is meant as a pretty serious track so do get a squint at the lyrics while listening, and you'll see what I mean. Nice to see that Chris's original gathering idea paying such dividends. Just goes to show what you can have if you put your mind to it and - as Chris knows full well - have to some pretty deep pockets to fund a fast growing website.

In the hands of such accomplished and seasoned musicians, there isn't really a lot that could go wrong. It's going to be an even bet that you will hear a crisp, sharp, clear much with punch and drive where needed, in other words a fully professional job with the knob fiddling. As always though, it's the class songwriting and musical skills that make this track the beauty it is. Not sure who is doing the vocal honours here but it is well tasty and really kicks the song into overdrive. I'm not much struck by the moral tone of the track, all a bit too hippie-ish for this crusty old cynic, but that is just me being bitter and twisted. Probably because underneath it all I just wish I could have written and performed this track and I'll never, ever get close. Those swine !! :D Seriously, Prash does it again in grand style, aided and abetted by the man himself. Excellent, no matter what genre it lives in.


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