Friday, August 25, 2006

Burp - Signia Iceglass (Burp Remix)

Hear The Track Here

Despite being the proud owner of one of the strangest bandnames on Soundclick, Burp has never had any trouble attracting fans and listeners. This is despite him being somewhat experimental (Ed: He means you should have a strong constitution and not liable to faint at sudden, strange noises) Burp's contributions to Soundclick have always been challenging, innovative, intensely rhythmic and as off-the-wall as you could wish for. As always, trying to describe exactly what it is that makes Burp special is impossible. If anybody could accurately describe what it is that Burp does but no-one else seems to come close to, it would be me because I've heard everything this artist has ever done. He's either mad or a genius and either way works for me.

As it would. ;)

Having given it the big build up, Signia whatsname is even an actual Burp tune, it's a remix which - given Burp's propensity to mate with the whole world and his brother - always bodes well. The original track is by an artist called PureH although its not much use clicking on that link because it just leads to a blank Soundclick page - more on that presently I guess. Subsequently, I have no fekkin idea what the original sounded like so a comparison to see what Burp bought to this particular party is not likely. However, I am pretty much steeped in old time Burpdom so I can certainly recognise his touch, and its on this track too but more in production/enhancement rather than as part of the musical structure.

Taking the basic tracks arrangement (a kind of illbient chillout) and tone as a reference I probably would have commented on some of the sounds used (nice stuff btw) and the way the vocal snippets are played/introduced. However, it was definitely not as wide open (stereo-wise) or as randomly chaotic as this remix turned out to be. Whatever else you say about Burp's work, the man is tireless; a true sonic assassin. Here he lurks in the shadows, firing rapid bursts of dissonance and other electronic fuckry into your skull with each successive wave of sound. Not having heard the original puts me at a tremendous disadvantage but that's just me wanting to know the ins and outs of a ducks ass. Normal, even.

This isn't. At all. Normal.

(It is really good though, and I do Recommend it)

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