Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DCiP - There (First verse and chorus)

Hear The Track Here

Hang around on here and the whole world will pass you by, sometimes more than once. Take DCiP for example. I first met this Malaysian singer/musician when I reviewed Delusional World way back in November 2003. Since then she has popped up every now and again through the next couple of years and not always with things I have been kind about. Problem is that Sharmin is dogged by lack of production materials and although she can write and sing (a lovely voice), the overall sound quality has always let her work down.

It's been almost two years since I last heard from her, so maybe things have taken a turn for the better. As you can tell by this tracks subtitle, it's gonna be a bit on the short side; about one minute and forty seven seconds to be exact. That's probably all to the good really because - I kid you not - the sound is truly, truly awful on this track and it will take a hardy listener indeed to want to plow through it, despite it's shortness. All a great shame though because - again - it shows that Sharmin retains the quality in her voice and songwriting that I first liked. However, do be prepared to work for it.

There is an incredible hum on the track as well as some extremely highend squeals, and it ends right after the chorus (as promised, even) so it leaves the listener with only the merest glimpse of something that may - or may not - be worthwhile. Believe me, trying to spot the track in amongst all this aural clutter is akin to trying to see through fog. Nonetheless, I hear some decent background vocals on here and that's something Sharmin is doing that is new. Oh but oh how I wish that someone would pick up on this girl and help her to sound as good as she should because she certainly has potential.

I sigh dispiritedly and move on...

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