Friday, August 11, 2006

K-Gi - Fans Against Doping

Hear The Track Here

S'funny, most fans I know just LOVE getting off their tits on some kind of dope. Doping, in fact, is a necessity of life. Still, this doping is of an entirely different calibre altogether. Written as a song about the use of banned drugs in sport (not exactly a flavour of the month lately) it was apparently genrated by an online discussion, then the formation of a website ( which led to this collaborative song from Anja Hoffmann and K-Gi. K-Gi is a new (and highly effective) name to me from Soundclick and he works in the same genre as me, and that immediately perked me ears up, although the Pop label on this song soon stopped that hanky panky.

As if.

I've come across some highly original vocal slants in my time studying the online music scene. One of my all time favourites (although there are those who would argue with me) is one Slippy T to whom K-Gi bears a remarkable resemblence vocally. The chief argument about this vocal style (at least that I've heard) is that it's too high pitched and whiny - not my words btw. I do see some merit in this accusation but not much, especially when you lay that against a profound sense of musical placement and an ability to draw you into a textually complex, dense track. Not an easy trick, and my first response to this track was that I was hearing something that 10cc would have been happy to have written.

As good as the productions values are (as in stunning, knock-your-ears off sound and crystalline mix), for me it was slightly too toppy for my liking. Still that very small change indeed and something easily remedied with a fiddle with your own sound systems EQ. Personally, sports means nothing much to me, but music is my drug of choice and K-Gi has just assumed a place of importance in it. I'm always on the lookout for the sounds of excellence the online scene seems to specialise in, and there is no doubt in my mind that K-Gi is going to become a lot more well known. Professionalism, a sound to die for, a very catchy vocal arrangement and a blindingly good performance makes this one of the best introduction tracks I've heard this year....and you know what that means.

Highly Recommended pop with an edge of 10cc

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