Sunday, August 20, 2006

Parasol - Still A Bit of Everything Here

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Parasol is, in his own words, 'some kid strumming the guitar not really caring if anyone listens or not'. Probably the best attitude to adopt when faced with the online music scene. I think a great many of us musicians would put their hands up and say that we think the same. However. But. Late at night, in our private places, it IS wonderful to get a bit of recognition in the form of a play, a download, or in that rarest of payoffs: reviews and/or comments. I don't know about other musicians but to get a comment or email from someone who has heard and liked my music keeps me buzzing for days - and I think the same is true for most of us.

Parasol, being the kid in question is Canadian and that's yer lot for biographical information. He's also, I suspect, new to Soundclick and new to me so what does he bring to the table that would catch our vulture-like gaze? OK, let me 'fess up. I've heard this track innumerable times and I'm still trying to decide what I actually feel about it. The genre doesn't help any (acoustic folk) and it's not always a genre that finds favour with many people. There are a couple of things that are extremely enjoyable about this track - at least for me and that is what ultimately saves it.

Musically, it's very sparse, a mere strum every once in a while and thats pretty much it, so obviously it falls to the voice and/or lyric to fully support a track that last four minutes and change. Hyperventilating yet? You betcha. So what is it about this essentially one man, home recorded track sit so well with me? Well both the vocal style (a laconic, incredibly tired Bob Dylan) and the lyrical style suit this performance and although its definitely going to be an acquired taste, it is - suprise, surprise - a decent song worthy of a listen. One man, one guitar and voice.

Listen, or not, you decide.

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