Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2Charlie - Survive At All Costs

Hear The Track Here

2Charlie (mic, mic :D ) are a new name to me and, presumably, MP3 Unsigned too. Nonetheless, anyone who is billed as hard rock/metal are going to get a nice reception from me, especially since I've started this months reviews in such rock style. As I've explained recently, I love rock, even though I don't play it much myself these days. It was my first musical love and I guess it will probably last me until the day I meet Jimi in that guitarists heaven I dream of often. Coming from the Queens/Long Island area of NYC doesn't hinder their cause mehc either, because having worked extensively in that area, I know for a fact it has damn fine rock tradition.

With a build up like that, you'd think the band would be hard pressed to disappoint me right?

It has to be said that for international listeners, this will sound very American in sound and arrangement, more Manson than Priest if you get my drift. OK if you like the style, a bit bombastic if you don't. As I've already stated I do like this strain, although not - I admit - as much as yer classic rock stylee. Technically, this is a very passable effort, even though it is a distinctly un-edgy mix. I would have preferred for the sound to cut a little more (ie a tad more high end) and for the drums to be more defined. In particular, the snare on this sounds distinctly flabby, with more than a hint of the biscuit tin about it. I'm not talking about what's actually happening with the snare, the playing and performance definitely rocks. Just the sound itself. Once the track really gets going (it truly deserves the term 'heavy') that same snare disappears into the undergrowth.

I would have loved to have had the lyrics around while reviewing this, I think it would have made for a better experience but I think after the n dozen plays I gave it I've pretty much got the gist of it. Overall, despite my little niggles above, Survive At All Costs is a worthy introduction to this band and would surely please any HM headbanger worthy of the name. The bass runs are particularly effective, pumping the track like a thing demented. Phil Kinkel (vocals/bass guitar), Dennis Rohrer (rhythm guitars), Joe (Axeshredder) Cippola (lead guitars) and Richie Spicer (drums) AKA 2Charlie are well worthy of your attention ESPECIALLY if you like having your head kicked in on a regular basis by a decent heavy rock outfit. Me, I certainly be looking into this band a lot more...

Recommended, pumping heavy rock.

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