Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fluidity - 22/07/06 - The Night That Changed Nothing

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A comment I have heard more than once or twice is that Songplanet is rock biased, and to be honest I do see some truth in that statement, which is why I recommended that John Paul Carroll (AKA Fluidity) get his butt over there as well as Soundclick. Seems like its paid off because I see that the plays are beginning to mount up for him, and rightly so. I have often spoken about my taste for a particular strain of rock, that emanating from Australia, New Zealand and most other upside down places. Antipodean rock has a highly distinctive sound and one I can recognise immediately. There's less extreme about it, I guess. It's a bit more crunchier than other forms AND - more tellingly - it delivers some amazing rock songs.

If there is one thing that can be said about Fluidity's output is that the man does know how to write a good choon. Hence the string of recommendeds that have been sent out in his direction from this reviewer. I like my rock to be pointed and have a point, if you catch my drift and this artist has managed that trick better than most. Along the way, making a fairly big impression as seen by the activity over on Songplanet and of course right here on Soundclick. However, in my world as you well know, you are only as good as your last track so let's see whats new...

Although I think this track delivers its message extremely well musically - as always with this artist, it seems - I do admit to a certain apathy to it. Along with that I suppose goes a slight sense of disappointment but that is only because I have so many really killer tracks from this artist. Shot himself in the foot, as it were. So, what we are talking about here is the difference between outstanding tracks and what I like to refer to as album filler. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with this track, and a great deal that is right. It just doesn't strike me with the same impact as Lucid, Prediction=Presumption and This Time, and that's only because they were such wicked tracks. If you are just coming fresh to all this, this track will knock your socks off (if you like rock).

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