Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Unlimited Pineapple Club - Danlog Babyhead

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Here I am starting the review process for this track with visions of white beaches, succulent palms and even more succulent women set to a musical soundtrack that sounds like something from the Buena Vista Social Club and what do I get?? Think of unlimited quantities of pineapples and clubs and the last place you might expect to end up in musically is (and I quote) 'quirky nerd metal' That, my dear friends and loyal readers, may well be the understatement of the year. Quirky isn't just a word to these guys it's a passion they delight in pursuing to it's ridiculous extremes.

Uh. Oh. Surely not?

TUPC are twins Kris and Mark and its obvious these guys are close because they couldn't have pulled this off if the weren't in some way telepathic. That they do pull it off - against some fearsome odds - is a telling point in the bands favour. So, let's have a look at the odds first... Mmmmm, where to start... The production on this is pretty much non-existent, a static, thin mix that complicates an already complicated arrangement. Let's say that the band recorded this on their trusty four track in their bedroom/garage/shed so it's best not to expect to much in the way of sonic excitement.

If you like to hear a couple of adept musicians trading blows in the manner of Megadeth, Slayer, Rigor Mortis, GWAR and others, then this may very well get you going. Personally I feel if the band could have expended a bit more effort on the final mix (given it a bit more depth for example) it would have made their musical efforts all the more visible. As it is, I had to play this more than a few times before I actually got to like what the guys were playing. Getting past that demo-ish sound took some doing, especially when I know getting a good sound is almost a must for such highly structured music. This is where prog rock and metal collide and it doesn't sound that bad at all musically even if - as I say - you'll have to work to get it out of this particular mix.

Quirky nerd metal? Surprisingly good, I say, despite the odds.

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