Monday, May 15, 2006

Alex PG - Miss You

Hear The Track Here

Yet another brand new name from Soundclick, Alex PG is a new addition to SC's ever growing electronica congregation. Hailing from Leige, Belgium, Alex brings a pop sensibilty to this track that makes it instantly listenable and it isn't that many tracks you can say that about - ESPECIALLY in electronica. He describes himself as 'just a guy with some melodies in his head' and I'd say that was an accurate description. Certainly his musical tastes does run to some very tasteful melodies, especially if Miss You is anything to go by.

It effortlessly invokes visions of the early electro-pop of the 1980's although Alex doesn't list any influences on his webpage, I'd say Depeche Mode had to be in there with a shot. It's an even bet that if you like that kind of music then Miss You will very much appeal. Moreover it is a recognisable song that may well vault it out of its genre, although not I fear with this particular version. If I had to suggest anything that would help the track I would say backing vocals more than anything else, and maybe a slightly heftier percussive edge.

But, hey, that's a wishlist...

It is enough for me though and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this excellent track whose strongest asset definitely lies in its melodies. Funnily enough, he also kinda reminded me of fellow Soundclicker Waxko who works in much the same area. There is a light breeziness to this track which I think provides that initial pull but the more you hear it, the more you get to like it. It's true that I do like music with a pop edge that pays its due respect to the past and Miss You certainly does that. It's a little short on lyrics and a little long of music but what is there is plenty enough to be going on with.

Excellent electro-pop.

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