Monday, May 15, 2006

AndyF - Remember The Night (Vocal Version)

Hear The Track Here

Here's an artist I haven't heard from for a while. Another name who stretches back at this games a few years - I first reviewed him in October 2003 with Di Da Mix -AndyF specialises in music of a classical/film nature. As you well know, this is not always my favourite genre because I certainly don't feel qualified enough to comment to any substantial degree. I either like the track or I don't. However, in several collabs AndyF has worked with some very good collabs with the likes Of Deggsy, Dawn Diamond, and (on this track) a new vocalist to me, Nicky Moran. Remember The Night is a three way collaboration; AndyF made the music, Dawn Diamond wrote the lyrics and Nicky sings it.

I have to state here that IM(very)HO Andy's music does tend to be somewhat 'easy listening' as I've mentioned a few million times in the past. Hey, he worked with Mr Smoothie for cripes sake!! (ed: I think he is referring to Deggsy). There is a place for this kind of music though, especially when it is performed and produced to this level. Because I have an inbuilt hatred of anything even remotely smelling of 'show tune' I approached this track quite carefully the first few times, unsure about whether it was going to get to me or whether I'd be violently ill. Mind you, even the name Andrew Lloyd Webber is enough to make me hurl chunks so that should tell you something...

Nope, what I started to notice after more than a couple of plays what a beautifully crafted peice of work this is, musically, vocally, everywhichway. Dawn Diamond is a well-known and respected Soundclick singer and songwriter and can be counted on to deliver quality lyrics and Remember The Night is well up to her usual standard. So is the classically influenced musical backing track provided by Mr AndyF, an ideal setting for what has to be one of the best vocal performances it has been my pleasure to hear in a good while. All this, mind, from a genre that regularly makes me gag. It should go some way towards showing how much I rate all the elements that make up this beautiful, beautiful track. Special mention though to Nicky Moran's vocal performance; a diamond set in gold. Great tone, excellent flourishes and a heartbreaking sense of vocal delivery. All three of you should take a bow; this is a rare, rare track...

MUST HAVE (and I HATE the genre!!)

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