Sunday, May 28, 2006

Siiren Siiren Siiren - He Could Never Be Me

Hear The Track Here

Siiren Mikell (aka Siiren Siiren Siiren) is a R&B/Soul artist I first review last month who made a big impression on me. I reviewed Out Of My Brain and loved it to bits; it's a slick peice of work and a track I'd highly recommend but I still don't see it on his page. I'll have to start a petition. :D The same production techniques, especially vocally, that made Out Of My Brain such a treat are present on He Could Never Be Me, although I found the track different in style. Mind you, that may well have to do with my own likes and dislikes than anything the Siiren being is doing wrong.

As a matter of fact, the more I hear this guy the more in awe of what he is doing I am. Certainly if you fancy yourself as a vocalist and you want something to test yourself against, give this guy a go. Best to bear in mind though, that ALL the vocals on this track are his. I have a real problem with the softer, gooier side of R&B and its oh-so-cool approach, and He Could Never Be Me definitely hovers close to my auto-cringe button. What gets over that problem is listening to Siiren weaving his tapestry above a musical track with those softer, gooier bits just about sliding through.

It's the vocals though that are the highlight of any of this artists tracks. While I am sure there are a great many other vocalists (especially in the field) who are every bit as good and maybe some better, Siiren is the one I have heard the most just lately and as a singer and performer he is right on the money. Style, detail, expertise in delivery, the guy has it all. I say this because, I have to be honest, the musical side of this track didn't do very much for me at all. Considering the level of detail given to the vocals, it felt like the track was bolted on to make it all flow better, rather than something that complimented the vocals. Still, fekking small change anyway, because if you like that softer, gooier R&B this will really float your boats. If you appreciate a solid, mature vocal performance - nay sophisticated - then the Siiren is yer man.

Top R&B/Soul smoochie. Highly Recommended (and I don't even like the style)

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