Tuesday, May 30, 2006

One Kid's Lunch - There's More

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One Kid's Lunch specialise in 'goofy Christian rock' and their name comes from a Biblical quotation, John 6:9. That quote concerning the feeding of the 5,000 with two loaves and five fishes (ie one kids lunch). Way more information than you could possibly need but it's always nice to get a back story, especially when you are dealing with such subjects. Having listened to There's More a few loadsa times, there is waaay more to One Kids Lunch than that tired old cliche 'christian rock'. It also shows that showing and testifying to your faith can often be funny, heartwarming and good for your whole well being.

If I wasn't already convinced by the tightness and punchiness of the musical backing track, the vocals and lyrics would have sealed the deal. Those lyrics are priceless but funnily, only in context with the music. I glanced at them while downloading the track at the beginning of the month and they didn't really register. In the track through the make the most perfect sense. There's a wry, humorous feel to the vocals that helps to give the track that warmth I was describing earlier. In the second verse, this really comes together to plaster a wry grin to your face whether you like it or not.

Come on, listen to this.... 'When I get my little halo, Well done, faithful couch potato!' The music backing is pretty much textbook rock, convincingly delivered. It's the deft and twisting arrangement that really pins itself in your mind, this is an artist who doesn't believe in the aba school of songwriting. It's always going to be a difficult task to write about something as intensely personal as your religeous views, and OKL surmount that splendidly with good humour and a fine rocking tune. There's also a pop sensibility to it that makes me think of 10CC in their prime. The most important thing of all though is that this is a pure slice of musical fun that would win anyones heart, regardless of race, creed or colour. That, I contend, is a much finer thing to do.

Power Pop with a message.

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