Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Antennaheadz - Ghosts

Hear The Track Here

The kings of 'Late Night Brouhaha Music'. Not that you'll find many (or any) purveyors of such delights, The Antennaheadz iz one of a kind. You could have knocked me over when I discovered that Station For Imitation (a source of long standing bafflement for this reviewer) had joined/invented/was cultified into a group called Antenna wotsits. More to the point that they made (despite such elaborate headgear) a great and glorious noise although not without its oddities. Mind you, when we are talking about musical origins it really can't get much stranger than Station For Imitation.

Why are you glaring at me like that??

I reviewed LoL oMG wTF!!11!! (January 2006) and liked it a lot. Maybe not the whole of the content but enough of it to register this may be something different enough to make everyone happy. Ghosts, I think, confirms that initial impression; here is music that has a lot to offer. The most immediate impression was overwhelmingly positive. Here was a track that was well produced (a little too clean even) that had something to say musically, harnessed it to a river in full flow and presto - you have nirvana buddy. It's billed as a 'mellow' track and it certainly is that, even while being propelled down a river in full flow, you can relax and wave to the natives....


I suppose I should stop saying that I am surprised by this sudden SFI metamorphosis and give the artist his/their due - this is a knockout track, in feel, style and content. A lovely peice of work although I am certain to attract the usual flak for that comment, but I don't mind because the track IS worth it. There's a tenderness and simplicity to the track that gripped me from the moment it entered my skull, and a clarity in the mix that made it happen - at least for me. It is best to get yourself nicely settled for this one though because it is something to laze along too. For me, its utter simplicity was the essential ingredient and the thing that kept me listening long it should have worn off. Think I'll be hanging on to this one too and THAT is most definitely a first.

Recommended for those simple pleasures...

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