Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Atropos Project - Project X

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Gosh, I'm so old because I can remember a time when people had stuff, and talked about it all the time.

Stuff was obviously THE must have item for the 90's but in the Noughties everything has changed. Projects, my friends, projects is what everybody has these days and this artist has two!! Acquisitive enough? :D My heart sunk a bit, I must admit, when I noticed that TAP said Project X was 'another meandering tune' because it touches on my own personal distaste of progressive rock. As I mentioned in my review of The Conflict (Remixed), TAP is an excellent, rounded musician who does what he does very well. He can't help that I have many phobia's and prog rock is one of them.

The other 9,999,9999 would take too long to mention.

So it's a given that there wouldn't be much wrong musically with what TAP does. Certainly anybody with even the slightest interest in the way rock guitar is used will get something from this track. Packed into it's six and a half minutes of life, there are more twists and turns than yer average politician could ever master. Not being a fan of the prog scene I had to find other ways of weighing this up and - funnily enough - the more I heard it, the more I started to like certain sections. I think one of my problems with the genre is this clever-clever stuff it thrives on. Striking a pose is one thing, making a statement is something else entirely. In a way, I think the work of Sylvan & Bonamici has brought me to a better understanding of the genre, and what it takes to be adept at it.

Here's my problem...

I reviewed Nad & Bon's 14 minute Quest For The Last Virtue and have been lost in its depths ever since. Music that is involving trancends genre classification, and believe me keeping someone like me involved for that length of time is an achievement. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I concentrated, I still couldn't get that feeling from this track. As I say there are bits I really appreciate, usually involving the guitars, and bits that make me go 'huh?' There again, TAP should take note that I am not the target audience, and I can see nothing wrong whatsoever with this track, other than my appalling taste in not being bowled over by it. Let me put it like this: The Atropos Project specialize in guitar based hardcore progressive rock and - what's more - they are damned good at it. Therefore....

I rename myself Phyllis Stein.

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