Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alchemystic - Kaleidoscape

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Almost exactly a year ago, I encountered this artist for the first time when I reviewed Sands Of Time (May 2005). I liked his style immediately even though we had a bit of to and fro about his genre classification, and that liking has developed steadily over the last year. To my mind Alchemystic is one of the brighter up and coming electronica artists and that's because he stretches into all sorts of corners you wouldn't have thought possible. In the nicest possible way, of course. He makes very visual music, if you know what I mean. Close your eyes while you are listening to this and you may well see the movie too...

There again, it may just be the drugs kicking in.

Alchemystic is the second artist this month to swap a track around on me, so just a couple of words about Soaring first. Very nice instrumental, reminded me of early '70's rock bands like Caravan, Soft Machine and others in the 1960's Canterbury scene. Surprisingingly enough this same scene was the forerunner of progressive rock and we all rue the day that one came down the pipe. Nonethless, Soaring was a great listen and a track I suggest you check out. Kaleidoscape is much more the Alchemystic we have grown to know, full of nuance and texture and produced to a shiny gloss.

It's also a step away from his more soundtrack side which, I freely admit, doesn't really blow up my skirts. Kaleidoscape is a chilled out, mellow to the max instrumental, exactly what you need for those moments where a little ear massage is in order. This artist knows full well that longevity is what most of us are striving for and this track has that potential, thanks mainly to the packed arrangement and the slickness of the production and mix. At just over four minutes and change, it won't tax anybodys time and I know it's gonna tickle more than a few ears around here. All round a really sterling effort but that is - after all - this artist calling card.

Highly Recommended.

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