Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dights - Summa Something

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S'no good rubbing your eyes and looking at that bandname again. It's never going to say what you want it to say and you'll only make your headache worse... Dights is the name of a producer/engineer based in my own town of London and looks - by my reckoning anyway - as if he might be new to Soundclick. It's amazing how many of us Londoners draw inspiration from dub and reggae, and even invent new genres utilising recognised dub and reggae technical tricks. It's been one of the joys of getting lots of London musicians online, and playing 'spot the references' on their tracks and Dights - I'm pleased to tell you - is well up there with this particular school of music.

Summa Something is an enviable cross between dub, dnb and all points south and although I found it a bit rough in spots, it certainly hits all the right spots. It also a blend of loops and live instrumentation and I think that's where it doesn't quite work for me. The mix too, has its rough spots mainly in gain levels, although it IS as clear as a bell. Ultimately though, tracks like this (ie instrumentals) stand or fall by one thing; how they maintain your interest, especially over the length of 5 minutes plus. On that score, I don't think Dights has very much to worry about because what I came away with would be enough to please John Q Punter, provided you liked electronica blends.

For my part, however, the more I heard the more I began to think 'yeah nice, but where do you go from this?' and I didn't feel the track worked up to anything - if you get my drift. To be sure I definitely enjoyed the experience of wandering through this track more than a few times, even from a technical standpoint. Even so, at the end of this process I came away thinking that Summa Something was a very good instrumental that had a very tasty blend of styles within it, each part was played and produced well, but ultimately it failed to a) knock me on my ass or b)go anywhere special with what it had. It's a great shame that SC still haven't solved their player problem because I would like to have heard the other track on Dights page to see whether I felt the same about that, but such things are not to be...

An interesting diversion, but I need more meat than this....

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