Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cameron Pierce - Isolation

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Canada's Cameron Pierce has long been a Soundclick favourite of mine, ever since I first came across him in his Latmat disguise, and it seems like a million years ago. It isn't of course, I cam across him first at the tail end of 2003 - it just seems like longer. I admit that I like him principally because he makes the kind of music I can really relate to; rock based acoustic vocal harmony stuff. Or, what used to be called the West Coast sound when I were a lad. The kind of stuff made famous by (among others) Buffalo Spingfield, The Byrds, CSNY and other luminaries of the scene.

Please notice that I made no mention whatsoever of the The Eagles. I should coco...

That isn't to say Cameron hasn't suffered the sling and arrows of outrageous Gilmore because he has. Although the list of CP 'keepers' is a long one, there have been several that I haven't been able to get too close too even - noticably -More Than That which I reviewed, but didn't get on with, in February of this year. Isolation is back to pure CP territory, a languid laid back track replete (nay stuffed to the brim) with the kind of vocal harmony work I really prize this artist for. Moreover, as well as those special treats there's a definite whiff of Steely Dan about this track so that just about ticks every West Coast button I know of.

For my money, I would have liked for the more rocky sections to be a bit more forward in the mix than they presently are, but that would be an unbelieveable nitpick. It helps that the track is tightly produced - especially the drum track which hasn't been Cameron's strong point before. Isolation has an anthemic chorus that - given time - will sink into your brain never to leave it, a real arena track and no mistake. Not sure whether this actually tops tracks he has released in the past as yet, but it's made a real humdinger of a start. A blinding track and no mistake and yes, I am biased so nrrr :P Cameron's many fans will already have this in their collection and so should you if anything I said above struck a chord.

Highly Recommended. Top Tune.

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