Thursday, May 11, 2006

EL84 - You'll See

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Way back in July 2004 I wrote '(It) left me with strong impressions of Carlos Santana before he lost the fire; a passionate, fluid, emotional sound that fully explores the guitars fretboard' about a lead guitarist I had just come across called Ty Kaufman. A very impressive debut - at least in my books - and the Ty Kaufman Group (as the band became known) slammed to killer classic rock tracks at us over the next year. They then - obviously - changed their name to EL84 and have continued in like manner right up to the present. The band, then, is: Steve Calapp (vocals), Bill Doss (bass) and Amado Tuazon on drums. Bill Doss being a replacement at some point for original TKG bassist Kevin Grant. Now, having given you more information than you could ever possibly want or need, let's crack on...

As a real, live gigging band, you would expect this outfit to know how to deliver a nice steaming plate of what does you good and in that respect, they have never let me down yet. There again, I am a well known rock animal so you should bear that in mind while reading on. You'll See is - to my ears anyway - a bit of a surprise. I was, after all, expecting the usual Kaufman pyrotechnics and this contains little in the way of that, unless you count the killer (K-I-L-L-E-R) lead solo that embeds the centre of the track like an exquisite belly button. Certainly, it's a softer, more rounded side to the band even though the rock roots show through every note that is played.

You'll See is a classic American rock track; acoustic, radio friendly and with more than a touch of Bon Jovi around the vocals and the lyrics. Still, no bad thing really because that is where EL84 have set their sights ever since I first heard them and - should there be any justice in the world - that is where they will end up. In the meantime we get a very professional, wonderfully melodic peice of soft rock that would fit into anyone's collection without the slightest murmer of complaint. As good as Ty is (and he is, the b****!!!), this time I personally feel the real star is Steve Calapp who delivers the vocals beautifully in a clear, clean rock voice that effortlessly pulls out that hard edge when it's needed. Rock isn't to everyone's taste but it is to mine, and this is one of the best examples around.

Recommended, especially for the change of pace.

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