Sunday, May 07, 2006

L*A*W - What Y'all Wanna Hear

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First track out of May reviews bag is L*A*W who - as you may gather from the gaudiness of his name - is a 28 year-old rapper/singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist/choreographer. No doubt it keeps him busy. L*A*W stands for (take it however you like) Lyrical Assault Weapon or Loving All Women and although you might expect the usual parade of bling, ho's and f***** c*********, it would be best not to jump to that conclusion. As LAW proudly states in his comments on his page, he comes from a long line of musicians, and there is nothing wrong with that, and a lot that is right. It's good as well to have a bit of 'front' when you are trying to establish yourself, self confidence is a must - even online. Nonetheless, this IS the internet and I have to say the hype surrounding this artist (and by default his grandfather Sam 'Bluzeman' Taylor, also up for review this month) may have raised a hackle or two but hey, we all get excited right? What works in the real world often doesn't transfer itself to cold hard print, and this appears to be the case here and we all got to start somewhere.

As far as I am concerned, there is only one thing I want to know, will they live up to the hype and I have to say that judging from what I've already heard, LAW does that right enough. I wanted to review Wishin U Were Here (a country track would you believe) but for some reason it doesn't want to play or be downloadable. So I went and had a quick browse through the tracks on the page and picked What Yall Wanna Hear because it's mix of rock and hip hop really did it for me. It is a definite fact that not only does LAW know what he's doing, he does it with a professionalism that will take your breath away. Mind you, in an area like Crown Heights (Brooklyn USA), musical families like this have spawned hordes of REAL (ie commercial) stars and I see no reason whatsoever that there isn't room for LAW in that glittering crowd. Which, as he states again on his page, is the avowed intention.

OK, but where does that leave us bottom feeders of the internet? It gives us a GREAT track for free, and What Yall Wanna Hear is a rocking track where plays everything in sight and then some. Mostly I just ignore those people who shout 'me! me! me!' as a constant daily chorus but this time, I'm glad to have made LAW's acquaintance. There is no doubt that if you like rock music done well, you will love this track. There's no doubt that if you like music with an Urban feel, then this'll be that bad boy. The kind of track fits into several genres and you KNOW I couldn't pass anything like that up. It's one of those track were everything works like a well oiled machine, no stresses, no strains. Easy. Yeah, riiiiighhhttt. I worked in a studio in Brooklyn Heights during the 1980's and became very well versed in this particular urban scene around the whole of Brooklyn and this track could only have come from there. Classy, professional, eyes glued to the ball approach are the hallmarks, and THAT is what makes this track work and it still doesn't do what a lot of technically perfect tracks do to me: turn me off for the lack of emotion/excitement. It works because LAW pours his heart and soul into breathing life and warmth into the track with his vocals and lyrics. Having said that, I'd still like to hear the country track though...

Highly Recommended

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