Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nuff X - Feeling Trapped

Hear The Track Here

James Bacon (aka Nuff X) has established himself well on the Soundclick electronica scene over the past year or so and is big mates with two of my own favourites: HELLbus and Omnisine. All three have become much better known to me over the past year which just goes to show how things move around here. This time last year we were all agog with the likes of Stompp, Ad Fielding and a great many others. No doubt they are all busy somewhere or just too horrified about having their bits perused by yours truly. Whatever. That's the great thing about online music, there always someone else :D Oh, btw, that isn't really a dig at Stompp et al, except for being a bit quiet lately...

While I am certain that HELLbus and Omnisine are destined for greater things, me and Nuff haven't always seen eye to eye. Certainly a lot of his early stuff was patchy but God, ya wanna hear what I tried to foist on people when I first started. We all have to start somewhere eh? Mind you, he's been improving in leaps and bounds since then. When I first heard When It's Over (April 2006) I didn't like parts of it but did kinda admire the way he put it together, especially - if I remember correctly - some neat vocal touches. He has taken that idea and expanded it and Feeling Trapped is the result and one that registered immediately with this reviewer. A very nice track indeed but it isn't without it's little niggles.

It will also take more than a couple of plays too I reckon, so its probably best to give it more than one play. If you like the territory Nuff X explores then you will have no doubt downloaded this already. If not, I do suggest you give it a listen because this is a very good example of how far this artists has come. Not exactly the knock 'em outta their socks track but it's sure enough getting close. This is a good touch he's got goping on with these vocals and - as I can testify - it's a difficult act to pull off. Big ups to Nuff X for doing it with style.


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