Friday, May 26, 2006

Silvertrain - Good People

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So there I was last Saturday night propping up the bar over at Songplanet for the Saturday Night Rocks show (Germinate good times, come on, dun dun dun dun) giving it the verbals with me mates (as you do) and John from Silvertrain bent my ear. They are - finally - about to go into a real live studio and record some new tracks for us... Hey hey. "Not before time" I say, as I rap the naughty boy on the knuckles, "laziest bunchagits known to man you and whatsisname...." I got to say I think John and Ritchie (oh yeah, that's his name) have milked the success of the tracks off their One To Blame CD with expertise. With the emphasis being on the tease of course. Listen to any n dozen of Soundclick stations or the DJ streams from sites such as Songplanet and Indiehitz and sooner or later up pops a Silvertrain standard.

But that was soooo then and this is soooooo now... Waddup??

I think the thing that will please many people that call John a friend - especially from this track - is how much he has accomplished in a short time. I feel like I have reviewed John's entire catalog and even maybe a couple his Mum wrote, so I've seen him come from a very rough, nervous start to where he is with this track. We have had endless discussions about recording, especially on the computer because it's the whole 'going into a studio' thing that has held Silvertrain back since those heady days of 2003/4. His early acoustic tracks were fair enough, given the circumstances and it looks like the discussions we had about how to go about it have taken root. Good People is the closest thing I can think of that deserves the title 'a Silvertrain' track and the great thing about it is this is all John. Ritchie still has to finish his bits.

I'm not sure how this was recorded but full marks to John on coming this close, from a production standpoint, this sounds great. It's also a fully realised track; drums (kinda, sorta), backing vocals and a noticable sense of confidence in vocal delivery. Again, I've probably writtens reams of stuff about John's singing style but by God, he's captured it on this track. It is, of course, still lacking in certain departments (Ritchie, a punchier drumtrack, frills) but it still contains essential ingredients such as a good arrangement and an easy accessibility. All the hallmarks of classic Silvertrain even. Tell ya what guys, why don't you work on this one a little more and I think this will be good to go as it is and spend the studio money getting legless down the pub. You know it makes sense.

Recommended (after all, it is still a demo)

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