Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Soul Dust - Anaesthesia

Hear The Track Here

'Ever feel like you're just getting numb to it all?' Soul Dust ask in the comments on this track. Good question, as it happens. I wouldn't say numb so much as jaded, ya know what I mean? While it's true that I am the proud possessor of a pair of highly sensitive stainless steel ears, I come by them honestly. Having sacrificed my youth and beauty (Ed: wot?) before the massed altars of Marshall stacks, you would have to developed some heavy duty reinforcment of your pink sticky out bits. Especially as, like Soul Dust, you like things a tad on the loud side. Pardon? I said a tad on the LOUD SIDE... All that volume tends to make you a bit Mutt and Jeff as well as giving you that constant stunned expression...

So...where was I? Ahhh, obviously it makes you a bit forgetful as well.

I have long held a love for crusty, in-yer-face sweaty rock, the dirtier the better and Soul Dust has delivered consistently a steady diet of pure red meat in the past and even given me a Track Of The Year 2005 with the powerful Hard To Say Goodbye, although that is not what I'd class as a heavy rock tune. Anaesthesia certainly is though, and it achieves the opposite of it's title. The kind of music that makes you want to jump from the tops of high buildings just for the thrill out of it, extreme sport music to the max. The kind of music you put on your iPod shortly before leaping of the top of Mt. Ikillhumans on your snowboard, hell bent on being bent to hell.

I have to admit here that I am well biased towards this Canadian band, and it's partner in crime Catapult because they both come across with the real thing. Therefore it's a given that to get anything out of this track you should have some kind of rock sensibility, and the harder the better. Classic heavy rock is what Soul Dust pump out; hot, sweaty and out looking to have a party and it's gonna be at your house and in your ears. Another hallmark of this band is their devotion to delivering quality product so it's a given that it is performed with pride and produced to within industry standards (ie LOUD). This is the bands first outing with me this year - they gave me a rest, what nice lads - and judging by this, nothing has changed and thank fekk for that...

Quality hard rock. Recommended.

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